When it’s time to purchase a pre-owned or classic car from Alexander Automotive, you’re likely wondering what to do with your existing vehicle. While some buyers may attempt to sell the car themselves, which involves a lot of effort and hassle, most prefer to trade their cars at our dealership. If you’re looking to trade in your car to a dealership, these are the benefits of doing so at Alexander Automotive.

Get a Tax Break

There is a tax advantage when you trade in your car instead of selling it yourself. Here in Tennessee, tax laws allow your trade-in value to be deducted from the total purchase price. The state of Tennessee does not tax the value of your trade-in vehicle.

Let the Dealership Handle the Advertising

One of the biggest hassles of selling a car on your own is the time and money invested in advertising. You’ll find that many who respond to your ad will not turn up or will give you a lowball offer. Instead, we’ll handle selling the vehicle when you trade in your car at our dealership.

Simple and Convenient

Compared to selling a car on your own, trading in is a much simpler option. All you need to do is bring your vehicle into our Alexander TN car dealership, and we’ll give it a spin, then make you an offer that can be applied toward purchasing one of our vehicles. Alternatively, you can walk away with a check if you prefer not to buy from us.

We’ve only started to explain the many advantages of trading in a car at the dealership. Stop by Alexander Automotive, or fill out the trade-in form to find out the value of your vehicle.