If you haven’t kept up with Tennessee state law regarding car inspections, you may wonder whether you still need to find a car inspection near me. On August 17, 2021, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation announced that emissions testing in several Tennessee counties, including Williamson County, ended. While classic cars do not need official inspections in TN, we still suggest inspections by qualified technicians, followed by regular maintenance, to preserve their value. 

Your Cars Emissions System: An Overview

Emissions problems are one of the primary things identified through a motor vehicle inspection and are still worth checking for even if they’re not mandated. Your car’s emission control system limits the amount of noxious gas released from your vehicle into the environment. Your classic consists of several different components that release various gases into the air, including:

  • Carburetor

  • Fuel tank

  • Crankcase

  • Exhaust

These components are essential elements for your classic car to run smoothly and efficiently. Many vehicles have what’s known as an EVAP system, which controls and isolates the gases within a closed system. This system consists of:

  • Fuel fill cap

  • Fuel tank vapor control valve

  • Evaporative canister purge valve

  • Fuel tank pressure sensor

Signs of Emission Trouble

There are many signs that a classic car needs emissions work. Symptoms of issues with your car’s emissions system include:

  • Emissions control light illuminated

  • Performance loss

  • Consuming more gasoline than normal

  • Smell or fuel inside or outside your car 

For answers to all your classic car questions — buying, selling, maintenance, parts, and more — visit Alexander Automotive. In addition to our carefully curated inventory, we can refer you to trustworthy professionals who will give your classic the care it deserves.