As a valuable investment, a classic car must be taken care of properly to maintain its worth. Whether you’re utilizing the classic car as a purely financial investment, have a personal attachment to it, or bring it on the auto show circuit, it needs to be in tip-top shape. Here at Alexander Automotive, our team of mechanics at our classic car dealership serving Nashville are happy to share their tips on classic car care. 

Keep it Clean

Don’t let dust or dirt build up on your car. Keep it clean year-round, even when you have it parked. Seemingly small things like dirt and dust can cause many issues, such as impaired performance, chipping paint, and rust. After washing it, rinse well and use a soft rag to dry it thoroughly. If you must store your car outside, keep it covered.

Keep it As Original As Possible

With few exceptions, keeping components original is best when preserving the value of a classic car. Whether you’re repairing or maintaining your vehicle, use period-correct manufacturer parts when possible. Although it may be tempting to make modifications, doing so can make a car lose its classic status. 

Dont Skimp on Regular Maintenance

Every vehicle needs to be maintained regularly to remain in top condition, and classic cars are no exception. Simple maintenance catches minor issues before they require more expensive repairs. 

Because most classics aren’t daily drivers, it’s important to remember different components’ ages. Tires can rot, batteries can die, and items like hoses and brake lines become brittle as time passes. Account for this as you maintain your vehicle.

If you want to expand your collection of classic cars, utilize our classic car finder tool. Otherwise, our dealers at Alexander Automotive are happy to help answer any questions you may have about classic car upkeep and care.