There’s something unique and timeless about buying a classic car that cannot be put into words. If you have ever been to a classic car show, you have likely seen beautiful vintage cars that can feel more at home at a museum than on the road. With the help of the friendly dealers here at Alexander Automotive, buying a classic car is easily within reach.

What Defines a Classic Car?

Believe it or not, there’s no single definition of a classic car. Typically, they’re cars at least 30 years old, but other factors — including scarcity, unusual designs, and features — can make a car a classic, too. Those of us who are car enthusiasts have our private classics, too, the car or cars that we wanted as kids or young adults but can only now afford.

Why Buy a Classic Car?

If you’re on the fence about buying a classic car, there are two main reasons to do so – passion and investment.

· Passion: Passionate buyers buy a classic car that excites them and makes them look forward to maintaining, driving, and repairing it. If you don’t love your classic car, it won't be easy to put forward the effort to maintain it.

· Investment: Others purchase a classic car for its investment potential. These buyers will want to keep a close eye on prices and auction trends and will have to realize that it can sometimes take decades to reap financial rewards.

Why Buy From Our Dealership

Our Franklin TN classic car dealership has a large stock of classic cars for all tastes and budgets. Our friendly and helpful sales professional team is happy to get you behind the wheel of a classic car. Please pay a visit to Alexander Automotive to browse our inventory of classic cars.