Here at Alexander Automotive, we’re not just salespeople; we’re classic car enthusiasts. One of our most unique models is the 1957 BMW Isetta, an Italian-designed microcar that demands immediate attention thanks to its distinctive look. Once you get behind the wheel, you’ll be impressed with this classic car for sale, which offers tight handling and surprising fuel efficiency.

BMW Isetta History

When Germans think of the 1950s, one of the most iconic images is the small and nimble BMW Isetta traversing the streets. While today, the BMW Isetta is firmly in the classic car category, when it was first released, it was an everyday vehicle for many Germans. 

The BMW Isetta is a small two-person vehicle produced under license by the Bayerische Motorenwerke (BMW) between 1955 and 1962. Back then, the automaker called this model a “Motocoupe,” or a “bubble car,” based on a design from the Italian automaker Iso Rivolta.  The BMW typically had a door in the front and a single-cylinder four-stroke engine in the back. 

The “Bubble Car”

In 1950s Germany, the BMW Isetta was known as a “Knutschkugel” or a “cuddle coach.” It made for the perfect city car. The model was just 7.5 feet long and weighed just 770 pounds, which made it more maneuverable than just about any other vehicle. Two adults could comfortably sit next to one another in the BMW Isetta, which wasn’t true of any other microcar. All versions of the BMW Isetta featured a canvas roof, similar to today’s sunroof. 

BMW cars are unique, but this one is special even by the brand’s usual standards. Take home a piece of automotive history with the 1957 BMW Isetta, now available at Alexander Automotive. If you have another vehicle in mind — be it a classic or something more contemporary — use our used car finder to source the perfect fit!